How to Pair the Connexion Set-Top-Box Remote
 The purpose of this article is to explain the different ways to pair you Connexion Set Top Box remote.  When you first power on the Set To Box (STB), y...
Sat, 23 Jul, 2022 at 6:18 AM
Using the Guide & DVR
What does this article include? How to access the guide Replay and Filter Selecting a channel and series information DVR Recording and management  ...
Wed, 14 Feb, 2024 at 9:58 AM
Resetting Your Billing/TV Password
The follow article provides instructions on how to reset the password for your combined billing and TV login. How to reset your password 1.    In a ...
Wed, 14 Feb, 2024 at 12:12 PM
Self-Install Guide | Amazon Fire TV
Make sure your Fire TV works with Connexion TV   Connexion TV works on Amazon Fire TV 2nd Generation and newer:  Fire TV 2nd Generation  Fire TV Sti...
Wed, 14 Feb, 2024 at 12:14 PM
How to Install Apps on Fire TV Stick
TABLE OF CONTENTS How to install with Voice commands (Alexa) using Remote How to install with Search (On-Screen Keyboard) How to install with Amazon Web...
Wed, 14 Feb, 2024 at 1:19 PM
Sony Remote Control Guide
Note: The listed Buttons are the Only Buttons that work within the Connexion app. 1. Center Pad - Use up and down arrows to Change Channel. The Left...
Sat, 11 Dec, 2021 at 1:40 PM
Connexion Set-Top-Box Remote Control Guide
TABLE OF CONTENTS STB Remote Buttons Pair Remote To STB Pair Remote To TV TV Codes Volume Lock STB Remote Buttons 1 - Power - Powers your S...
Wed, 14 Feb, 2024 at 1:33 PM
TV Everywhere (General Information)
What is TV Everywhere? You can use TV Everywhere to sign up for 3rd party streaming services that offer free subscriptions with a TV provider login. Thi...
Thu, 11 Apr, 2024 at 6:40 AM
Connexion App Compatibility
A PDF version of this list is attached to this article.
Thu, 11 Apr, 2024 at 6:43 AM
Firestick TV Guide
Firestick Remote Control Guides: Here is the layout of the firestick remote and the button functions. Back Button (E) --> Opens the menu for home...
Wed, 27 Sep, 2023 at 7:07 AM