What does this article include?

How to access the guide

  1. Press the Guide button on your remotes or press the Menu button then select the Guide

Replay and Filter

  1. Pressing the left arrow on the remote will give you the “Replay” and “Filter” options.
  2. Replay will allow you to watch shows that previously aired on channels
  3. Filter will allow you to see specific channels when browsing

Selecting a channel and series information

  1. To select a channel, find the program, press the “OK” button on the remote, and then select “Play” option
  2. You can also press the “Series Info” after pressing “OK” on a program to see more information about a show or program

DVR Recording and management 

  1. You have the option of recording a program after pressing the “OK” button on a show or program then selecting “Record” 
  2. You can manage recordings by pressing the “Menu” button on the remote then pressing the “OK” button on the red dot
  3. You can also access Parental Controls, Manage Profiles, Help, Legal, and Sign Out options by clicking on the Settings wheel at the top right of the recording Menu 
  4. Select the recordings and chose from many different options like Delete and more

Video on demand

  1. Press the “VOD” button on your remote to access videos on demand

  1. Search by pressing the “Menu” button on you remote and select the magnifying glass to Search programs