Voicemail Features

The voicemail feature for Fort Collins Connexion phone service allows customers to send calls to a personal voicemail box while on another call or when they cannot answer the incoming call. You can conveniently retrieve voicemail messages by phone, web portal, or email.

Phone Access

First Time Setup or Reset Voicemail Passcode

    1. Dial *98.

    2. Enter default passcode 8642 and press # (first-time setup).

    3. Following passcode has expired prompt, enter a permanent passcode and press #.

    4. Re-enter permanent passcode and press #.

    5. Follow the rest of the prompts to record name and greetings.

To Access Voicemail:

    1. From on-network extension: Dial *98. From off-network extension: Dial your 10-digit phone number and press * when greeting starts.

    2. Enter the passcode and press #.

Main Voicemail Menu Options:

    [1] To access voicemail

    [3] Record name

    [8] To change passcode

    [9] To exit the voice portal

Main Voicemail Menu Options:

    [1] To listen to messages

    [2] To change mailbox busy greeting

    [3] To change mailbox no answer greeting

    [5] To compose and send a new message

    [7] To delete all messages

    [#] To repeat this menu

Online Access

To manage your voice services and features online:

Log in to the User Portal at

Username: #Phone

Password: Emailed from Connexion