Step 1: Ignore Rachio troubleshooting/standard procedures for connecting a wireless device and follow this guide!

Step 2: Identify if the customer is using Generation 1/2/3 Rachio Control

            Gen 1: 

Gen 2:


Gen 3

Step 3: Conduct a Network Settings Reset (All Generations)

  1. Open Rachio App
  2. Hit the Hamburger button in the bottom left-hand corner (More Button)
  3. Navigate to Controller Settings
  4. Update wi-fi Settings
  5. Power Cycle Rachio by unplugging for 1-3 seconds and plugging back in

            Gen 1: Watch the YouTube video or 

  1. Turn off nearby lights
  2. Select Blink Up and have the customer put their phone over the sensor in the bottom left-hand corner until their phone’s flashlight flashes once.
  3. The wi-fi light on Rachio should be green. Gen 1 may not be compatible with band steering, so you may need to open a separate 2.4Ghz band or split the existing bands.

Gen 2

Watch the YouTube or 

  1. After the unit boots, up have the customer press and hold the wi-fi button and down button underneath the control panel until the bottom LED is illuminated. 


  1. The second light will begin blinking; if not, power cycle and try again, holding the button down longer.

  1. Click Next on App and enter wi-fi Password- Gen 2 does not support 5Ghz bands and may require separate bands or a dedicated 2.4Ghz band.

Gen 3

Watch YouTube videos or

  1. After following app instructions to reset network settings, remove the faceplate.
  2. Have customer hold wi-fi button down until light bar is fully illuminated and flashes blue


 C. Return Faceplate, wait for the unit to reboot, then follow instructions on App. 

Are you still having trouble?

Ensure UPnP is activated by using the remote admin feature and checking the box under the Application Tab

Article on how to turn on UPNP and DLNA